Accounts Receivable Finance

Accounts Receivable Factoring and/or Purchase Order Financing can be an ideal option to receive “Quick Capital”. These two categories serve as collateral for short-term working capital loans that you can obtain quickly and cost-effectively. Credit rating is not the major factor for Loan eligibility.This funding option can be utilized when there are aged accounts of 30 days plus and the business needs immediate cash flow to operate. The loan is factored to the client, the lender then collects payment for the factored sum from the clients debtor.


  • Account Receivable Loans – 50,000 – No Upper limit
  • Turnaround to Funding = 2 to 5 Working days
  • Discount Rate = 2.5%
  • Average Monthly Receivables must be 10,000 +
  • Credit Requirement = none for client, based on credibility of debtor
  • Business must have monthly reoccurring demand for account receivable funding
  • One time origination fee $1200 due after initial funding