Business Loans

Global Fund, Inc. works closely with banks and private lenders to ensure that your business gets the best loan option that it deserves. Here are just a few of the services that we offer. As an extra benefit to our clients, many of our business finance programs provide free MBA business consultation, legal support, and accounting services after loan approval.

We are proud to offer the following loan packages:


Startup Funding

Global Fund can get you funding fast by leveraging the strength of your personal credit. Our in depth understanding of small business lending means we can provide lines of credit to new and growing businesses in as fast as 2 weeks. Our team of professionals will guide you through the process from start to finish! To qualify you have 2-3 credit card trade lines with a $5,000 plus credit limit. All credit limits must be under 40% extended. Most new start-ups receive initial funding by obtaining a credit partner or guarantor. Back to Top Requirements:
  • Standard Loan Range – $25,000-$150,000
  • Loan type – Card Line of Credit
  • Turnaround – 10 Business Days
  • Pre-approval – 24 hours
  • Credit score – 680-700
  • New start-ups welcome
  • Free Accounting , MBA consult and legal support
  • Points – 12 points
  • Origination fee $295.00 after approval

Major Business Loans

To qualify client must have good personal and/or business credit, complete and accurate business plan, income statement, profit and loss statements, tax returns, collateral and cash flow. In addition there must be 2 to 3 years of sustained growth and experience. Back To Top Requirements:
  • Loan amount -$500,000 – no upper limit
  • Personal Financial Statement on all 20% or more owners (attached)
  • Personal Tax Returns for the last three years on all 20% or more owners of the business
  • Last three years business tax returns and current interim balance sheet and profit/loss statement on the business
  • Personal Resume on Key Management
  • Copies of any pertinent contracts
  • History of the Business or Business Plan
  • Projections for 3 years+
  • 2 to 3 points (varies by deal)
  • Origination Fee – $495.00 after approval

Small Business Loans

Capital up to $250,000 unsecured funding on any start-up regardless of the industry. We have a large network of lenders and banks, we know exactly what they want to see. We will pre-qualify you and package your application, then walk you through funding. Back To Top Requirements:
  • Loan Amount – $5,000 – $250,000
  • Approval in 24 hours
  • Receive Funding in as fast as 1 business day
  • Term – 3-18 months
  • Payment Deducted directly each business day
  • Personal Guarantee – accepted
  • Must have 1 + years in business
  • Credit score – 500+
  • Annual revenue – $100,000+
  • Points – 6 to 8
  • Origination fee -$295.00 after approval
  • Terms and conditions-simple interest plus an origination fee

Unsecured Finance Loans

This option is used when the client either has excellent personal credit or prefer to use business credit only to secure financing. The lenders take only the clients credit history in account when making a lending decision. To qualify you must have 2-3 credit card trade lines with $5,000 plus credit limit. All credit limits must be under 40% extended. Back To Top Requirements:
  • Standard Loan Range – $25,000 – $150,000
  • Loan type -Card Line of Credit
  • Turnaround- 10 Business Days
  • Pre approval – 24 hours
  • Credit score – 680 – 700
  • New Start-ups Welcome
  • Free Accounting , MBA Consult and Legal Support
  • Points- 12 points
  • Origination Fee 295.00 after approval

Cash Flow Financing

When your business needs “quick cash” and credit and collateral are non-existent, the fastest way to receive funding is from your monthly business cash flow. These loans are provided based on the businesses Monthly Average “Cash Flow” not credit! Loan amount range 75% to 100% of the monthly gross sales volume with no upper limit. Businesses who accept major credit cards may be approved for larger loans and/or a Merchant Cash Advance in addition to the regular loan amount. Back to Top Requirement:
  • Must be open for 6 months
  • Must provide 6 months banks statements
  • Must have average gross deposits of $12,000+
  • Loan term- 6 to 18 months
  • Standard Loan Range – $10,000 – no upper limit
  • Client receives 75 to 90% monthly volume
  • Loan type – lump sum loan
  • Turnaround – 3 to 5 business days
  • Approval – 24 hours or less
  • Credit score- 500+
  • Discount rate -1.15 -1.35%

Equipment Finance

Equipment Financing is used exclusively to acquire business-use equipment, but can also be used to obtain cash on paid-off equipment. Approvals are typically based on credit score, collateral, financial history and value of the equipment. This program is used when a client need to acquire equipment and cannot afford to purchase the amount of equipment required or needs to reserves their working capital. Back To Top Requirements:
  • Equipment Lease Program – 50,000+
  • Turnaround to Lease = 3 to 5 working days
  • Interest Rate = 9 – 18% (based on credit score)
  • Pre-approval = 24 hours
  • Credit 700 Plus fico score

Heavy Equipment Finance

We provide operating capital for, ALL work trucks; 18 wheelers, trailers, construction equipment, farm equipment manufacturing, machine tools, etc. This is a great way to receive cash fast without credit checks or requirements. Global Fund specializes in working with credit challenged customers on transactions ranging from $10,000 – $250,000. Back to Top Requirements:
  • Challenging deal? No problem!
  • Any credit score—including n/a
  • Start-up, private party sale, owner/operator
  • Sale-leaseback/working capital
  • Past bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments, high revolving debt
  • Bill of sale with invoice and specs
  • Collateral list
  • CBR, if available

Merchant Cash Advance

This type of financing allows a business to borrow against future earnings. Requirements for this type of financing are extremely lenient due to the nature and terms of the loan. Cash advances purely borrow against credit card swipes from your business. This type of financing is innovative, unique, and easy to qualify for! Back to Top Requirements:
  • Standard loan range $10,000 – No upper limit
  • Type loan – lump sum
  • Approval – 24 hours
  • Funding in 1-2 business days
  • Time in business 6-9 months
  • Have a 500+ credit score
  • Batch a minimum of $5,000 per month
  • Must provide 6 months bank statements
  • New start-ups on case by case basis
Processing Benefits
  • Discount rate – $500 guarantee to “Meet or Beat” current rate!
  • No hidden charges, no application fee
  • Free merchant account set-up, reprogramming, 24/7 tech support
  • Free E commerce shopping cart
  • Free online terminal
  • Customized solutions
  • Low cost terminals

Accounts Receivable Finance

Accounts Receivable Factoring and/or Purchase Order Financing can be an ideal option to receive “Quick Capital.” These two categories serve as collateral for short-term working capital loans that you can obtain quickly and cost-effectively. Credit rating is not the major factor for Loan eligibility. This funding option can be utilized when there are aged accounts of 30 days plus, and the business needs immediate cash flow to operate. The loan is factored to the client, and the lender then collects payment for the factored sum from the clients debtor. Back to Top Requirements:
  • Account Receivable Loans – 50,000 – No Upper limit
  • Turnaround to Funding = 2 to 5 Working days
  • Discount Rate = 2.5%
  • Average Monthly Receivables must be 10,000 +
  • Credit Requirement = none for client, based on credibility of debtor
  • Business must have monthly reoccurring demand for account receivable funding
  • One time origination fee $1200 due after initial funding

Retirement Funding

Do you have at least $30,000 in 401k/retirement accounts? We have an entire division dedicated to helping people purchase a business or franchise or inject cash into their existing business by utilizing 401k/retirement accounts without taxes or penalties. Back To Top

Personal Asset Loans

Use your assets to secure a collateral loan. Loan ranges from $1000 – $2,000,000 secured against valuables including Jewelry, luxury watches, fine art antiques, prestige classic cars, handbags, yachts and more. Back To Top Loan Benefits and Features:
  • Funds available in 24 hours
  • No redemption fees
  • Repay your loan and interest at any time at no extra cost to you
  • No credit or income checks
  • Loans are not subject to income or credit check, so your credit history will not be affected
  • Your valuables are safe with us
  • Valuables are stored in our highly secure vaults for the duration of the loan
  • We lend you more
  • Only 6 points origination fee
Our expert valuation team have over 150 years of combined experience in the leading US auction houses.

Franchise Funding

We help you gain funds to start or expand. Our funding specialists know the right programs , or combinations of programs , to use in order to get your franchise funded. We can get you started faster than anyone else and also provide you a funding road-map to owning additional location or territories. Back To Top

Church Funding

This program is designed for Ministers and Clergy who are in need of capital for building improvements, renovation or an business operating expenses. Requires some form of collateral and/or cash flow. Back To Top Requirements:
  • Turnaround to Funding 30 to 45 days””
  • Interest Rate= prime +2 to 3%
  • Pre-approval = 24 hours
  • Due diligence Fee = 1395.00 ( due after pre–approval only)
  • Points = 6 points
  • Credit = 500+ (varies)

Joint Venture Capital

This option is recommended for the client who has some seed money to invest in the raising of capital to complete their project. The investor will require an equity position in the project. Back To Top Requirements:
  • Turnaround time to funding 30 to 90 days
  • Interest rate determined by investor
  • Investor Source Approval = 24 to 36 hours
  • Origination Fee = $1495 due after approval
  • Points 4 broker success fee
  • Credit = N/A
Process Overview
  • Total turn key operation
  • Deal Review
  • Document scrubbing
  • Launch Investor Campaign
  • Deal Closing
  • Presentation of proposal to client